My friend loves the MB! I posted some information regarding the blanket on a Community bulletin board for Pregnant women on under General Chat. I recommended all moms try the blanket!Thank you!

I just wanted to write how much I love this product. I am a mother of twin girls. I bought the miracle blanket when they were a few weeks old. I was so excited when… Read more »

A LETTER FORWARDED TO US FROM ONE OF OUR RESELLERS’ CUSTOMERS:I absolutely love your products… and swear by the following two: The Miracle Blanket® and the Podee Bottles. I have told all of my friends

I had lunch with a friend of mine today and told her I was having trouble putting my eight week old to sleep. She let me borrow her miracle blanket and my little girl slept… Read more »

I just absolutely love this product! That is why I am buying one for my best friend who is expecting! It has been so helpful.Lesley – TX

Any time you need a testimonial about this blanket – LET US KNOW! The blanket works like a charm. That is why we are purchasing one for our best friends – and we might be… Read more »

It think this blanket is a life saver (or sleep saver). My son loved it. He was sleeping through the night at 4 weeks!Ericka – MI

I love this blanket! My baby is always pawing at his face and waking himself up, but when we use the blanket, he sleeps very well!Rachel – WA

I just wanted to let you know how great I think your product is. My daughter had her days and nights mixed up. She would wake up around 1:00 AM and just want to stay… Read more »

This is “a little incredible”. I did not think it was possible for a “blanket” to make such a difference. Do you sprinkle them with magic pixie dust – or what? :-). Our dd went… Read more »