I LOVE the Miracle Blanket®!!!!!!I would like to be a distributor of the Miracle Blanket®. I am an RN in labor and delivery and could tell a lot of people about swaddling crying babies with

I am a traveling nanny and work with many newborn babis. While I have no problem swaddling a baby with a receiving blanket, parents often had trouble duplicating. They would get very frustrated as the… Read more »

I ordered a Miracle Blanket® from the internet because I just couldn’t seem to getthe swaddling done well enough to last through the night. My baby was always crying and wiggling out and waking himself

I strongly feel that the Miracle Blanket® needs to be marketed to expectant parents everywhere so that the blanket could be used right from the start. The swaddled baby who sleeps better in the first… Read more »

I heard about the miracle blanket from a mother of twins that were patients of mine. Being the father of a 4 week old infant (who is very active and difficult to swaddle), I decided… Read more »

My name is Sheila BXXXX, and I am an emergency shelter mom. About a year ago, I corresponded with you, and told you how I take in newborns for Child Protective Services. I ordered 2… Read more »

As an R.N. having worked in a NICU and now at a pediatric hospital, I know first-hand the many benefits of swaddling babies. I consider the Miracle Blanket® to be a parenting tool that all… Read more »

I heard about the Miracle Blanket® from a patient of mine and I am buying this one for my baby. If this swaddling blanket works as well for fussy, colicky babies as many of my… Read more »

… I’d love to have a Miracle Blanket® to show parents in the office. Sometimes it’s difficult to demonstrate how much more calm and happy a swaddled baby can be, when the only blanket the… Read more »

Hi Mike,By the list of the testimonials on the web site, I would say business is doing well. Let me offer another one: I can tell you that the staff have been very satisfied with