Let me begin by saying thank you for the great gift of the Miracle Blanket®! I had my third baby, Luke, almost 3 months ago and he has been the most difficult of our three… Read more »

I am really delighted to hear about the Time Magazine article. I tell my patients about the Miracle Blanket® all of the time and we love it! It is about time the word is getting… Read more »

I am part of Desert Doula Birth and Postpartum Services, Inc. in Tucson and recently had an opportunity to try out the miracle blanket with a postpartum client. Once we swaddled him in the miracle… Read more »

Thank you so much for sending the miracle blanket. I’ve already shown several of my patient’s parents the blanket. As soon as I gather the addresses of my friends who are also professionals (some new… Read more »

As a mother of three, I was finally able to “enjoy” my last daughter’s early days, weeks and months….thanks to discovering the Miracle Blanket®! This great swaddling blanket eliminated fussiness, and encouraged her to sleep… Read more »

I love your miracle blanket for colic and fussy babies and I mention it many times a day in my pediatric practice. I’m a huge believer that swaddling leads to successful sleep habits.Thank you again,Lori… Read more »

At first our more experienced Maternity Ward nurses were very skeptical. But now [even] THEY are asking for more Miracle Blanket®s … They want to give a Miracle Blanket® to every new parent as a… Read more »

Taken from a recent press release:“Most new parents give up on traditional swaddling with a square receiving blanket out of pure frustration, even though it’s the number one solution for soothing a distressed, fussy newborn,”

Swaddling made simple …Parents swear by our bestselling Amazing Miracle Blanket® to help calm fussy babies.