I am part of Desert Doula Birth and Postpartum Services, Inc. in Tucson and recently had an opportunity to try out the miracle blanket with a postpartum client. Once we swaddled him in the miracle… Read more »

As a mother of three, I was finally able to “enjoy” my last daughter’s early days, weeks and months….thanks to discovering the Miracle Blanket®! This great swaddling blanket eliminated fussiness, and encouraged her to sleep… Read more »

At first our more experienced Maternity Ward nurses were very skeptical. But now [even] THEY are asking for more Miracle Blanket®s … They want to give a Miracle Blanket® to every new parent as a… Read more »

We are all so excited about this swaddling blanket! The Miracle Blanket® is the first thing we recommend to all our new moms who want to be sure they get sleep. We get a blanket… Read more »

Our one month old son slept six hours straight the first night we used the Miracle Blanket® … at one month old!My friend is a Pediatrician and she and I have started recommending the Miracle… Read more »

Each time I do a postpartum visit with one of my clients, I show them a miracle blanket and explain how it can be of immense help to their baby AND them to help them… Read more »

The Miracle Blanket® works great to help babies sleep! We’ve been using this swaddling blanket for my son for several weeks and it’s convinced me to start remmending it to my patients and they love… Read more »

“I have finally found a solution for my patients who are suffering with their fussy babies and lack of sleep – the miracle blanket should be available EVERYWHERE swaddling blankets are found!”Donna Relling – Lactation… Read more »

I so believe in the Miracle Blanket® … I have already told many people about the miracle of the Miracle Blanket® including strangers in the isles of baby stores including Babies-R-Us! I also swaddled [my… Read more »

I am a pediatric intensive care nurse, so I am skeptical about alot of when it comes to my baby. I make no decisions regarding him without the proper research. So when my newborn’s fussiness… Read more »

I hope I am thanking you again (and that I have not been remiss in letting you know how much we appreciate your help) for the sample blankets you sent to us here at Duke.… Read more »

I am a traveling nanny and work with many newborn babis. While I have no problem swaddling a baby with a receiving blanket, parents often had trouble duplicating. They would get very frustrated as the… Read more »