My husband and I had our first baby in September of this year. As a registered nurse in a neonatal nursery, I was well aware of the benefits of swaddling newborns. I must admit, however,… Read more »

I heard about the miracle blanket from a mother of twins that were patients of mine. Being the father of a 4 week old infant (who is very active and difficult to swaddle), I decided… Read more »

As an R.N. having worked in a NICU and now at a pediatric hospital, I know first-hand the many benefits of swaddling babies. I consider the Miracle Blanket® to be a parenting tool that all… Read more »

… I’d love to have a Miracle Blanket® to show parents in the office. Sometimes it’s difficult to demonstrate how much more calm and happy a swaddled baby can be, when the only blanket the… Read more »

The Miracle Blanket® was developed by busy father Michael Gatten to alleviate newborns’ and infants’ crying and fussing – at night and other times. Designed to soothe a fussy, crying baby by mimicking the snugness… Read more »

Swaddling made simple …Parents swear by our bestselling Amazing Miracle Blanket® to help calm fussy babies.

I am not sure if you remember me from last year but my name is Joyce McGettigan, a postpartum doula. Just wanted to let you know that the miracle blankets you gave me I took… Read more »

I am really delighted to hear about the Time Magazine article. I tell my patients about the Miracle Blanket® all of the time and we love it! It is about time the word is getting… Read more »

Thank you so much for sending the miracle blanket. I’ve already shown several of my patient’s parents the blanket. As soon as I gather the addresses of my friends who are also professionals (some new… Read more »

I love your miracle blanket for colic and fussy babies and I mention it many times a day in my pediatric practice. I’m a huge believer that swaddling leads to successful sleep habits.Thank you again,Lori… Read more »