Car Bags for Fall Days

Do you feel that nip in the air that lets us know Fall is coming? Perhaps not yet. But soon! This means it is time to change our wardrobes, our schedules, and our decorations! I have to admit to putting out a decoration or two in anticipation of cooler days and more time outdoors, which is what my family enjoys most about the season. What does your family love most about Fall?

Whether it is football or other Fall sports, school starting for the kiddos, the weather, holidays, or just some pumpkin spice, Fall seems to be a time of speeding up. Many families spend far more time out of the house and on the go. My daughter’s first Fall began when she was just 2-3 months old. I quickly learned that with other kids home at the time, we spent more hours in the car than at home. How do you deal with that and plan for short Fall days and long hours?

Learning to get organized helps. A lot. You likely do not have a lot of extra time when leaving the house to consider, “what will we need?” For a small infant, we recommend having a “go to” bag or box. Like a diaper bag but it stays in the car and gets refilled on Mondays. A car bag can include diapers and diaper cream, a couple trash bags, 2 spare clothing sets, a cloth or towel, bottled water, baby ibuprofen, baby Benadryl (allergic reactions happen), extra wipes, and a snack item as a backup. Older kids can pack items for themselves, or you can have something set aside for them to take along also if needed. Make sure to let them become responsible for taking it! You may have some false starts, some forgetting, but this is how they learn responsibility and self-care.

Think of a car bag like our purses or backpacks… we almost always have them with us simply because there are things we need and want daily while away from home. And on the plus side, if you forget something in a diaper bag or purse, it may already be with you! Just check the car bag…


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