Boy studyingA child’s education begins at day one. Learning to eat, recognize words, crawl, walk, tie shoes. Learning is arguably the most important aspect of a child’s life after basic needs are met.

As parents, we often consider what is best for our kids to learn. Do we let them fall and learn from it? Pick them up and teach them that we will always be there to comfort and love them? We usually end up choosing a strategy that best fits our values. And adjust as necessary!

Recently we have come to some decisions about education, as parents do when their child reaches that age. I love that my child is older, and has left babyhood behind. However, our decisions seem to have more weight these days. For example, do you consider public school or private school? Which preschool and how early to start? Will I homeschool? What programs should you enroll your child in and how involved will you be?

If you stress about education as much as I do lately, these kinds of thoughts are in your head more often than not. The decisions are not easy, and have long term results. Make a list, in your head or on paper, with your pros and cons. Ask some neighbors and friends. Go visit the schools in which you have an interest. Talk to a parent or mentor. Get as much information as possible, so you can make the decision that is right for your child.

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