Top 9 Items to Include in Your Baby Gift Registry

gift-boxesOne of the best and easiest ways to help your family and friends choose the best items for your baby is by giving them a well-drawn baby gift registry. Also with Christmas coming up, consider giving or putting the following items on your list:

Hands-free Pumping Bra

This item gives the nursing mother the freedom to carry out other equally important activities, such as reading, while breastfeeding the baby. It pumps milk for the baby and requires little attention from the mother.

Front Carrier

A baby gift registry should never miss the front carrier because babies have to be carried from one place to another. The safest place on your body for carrying your little boy or girl is your chest since you can easily monitor it unlike the back carriers where it’ll be difficult to see.

Miracle Blanket Swaddle

The newest member of the family definitely needs both warmth and plenty of free air. Such a combination can be quite challenging without the use of miracle swaddle blankets, especially those from the Muslin Swaddle line. They are made in such a way that they keep the baby warm while at the same time allowing movement of air within the material to keep your baby free from sweat.

Bottle Warmer

Your baby’s food is mainly in liquid or semi-solid form, implying that it has to be kept in bottles. Before you start feeding your baby, ensure that you warm the food using a bottle warmer. Babies are very delicate so you need to limit the risk of harming them by having their food warmed only using a bottle warmer.

Baby Monitors

For your peace of mind, you need a baby monitor to keep tabs on the baby while it sleeps or plays and you are carrying out your daily activities. It offers you an extra pair of hands, eyes and ears to help check on the baby all the time.

Diaper Bags

Diaper bags should also appear on the baby gift registry. Since you will be changing diapers most of the time, you need plenty of them at hand. This means that you must have a bag to keep them for convenience.


Your little bundle of joy will likely be spending most of its time asleep. You need to make its life as comfortable as possible by adding a nice, soft and warm crib to the baby gift registry list. The crib will require baby mattresses and sheets, so make sure to get some.


It earns its place on the baby gift registry list because the baby should be clean at all times to avoid contracting illnesses. Get one that is large enough so your baby can use even when he or she develops into a toddler. It might be more expensive but it is worth the trouble because you won’t need to buy another when your baby grows up.

Nursing Pillow

It is quite useful for holding the baby in place while breastfeeding. This will free your hands so you are able to attend to other tasks that require your attention. The coming of a baby should not necessarily slow down your life.


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